Ways to give and help build a strong community of productive members and advocates to prevent abuse and help others survivors. 

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This is a book about finding your true-self about loving who you are and making better decisions because it could be a matter of life and death. Sandra is a caring person and always look for the best in everyone she meets. She has helped countless people change their lives for the better, and live with purpose. Reading this book, is like getting advice from someone who genuinely love you and want you to be the best version of yourself. The Power of Mask by Sandra Michael-Johnson honors the beauty of life through sharing the pain of losing a sister, friends and others she knew. Sandra reveals how some ladies attempted to live beneath a MASK and it cost them their lives. It doesn't mean these ladies were not worthy of life, it simply means wearing a MASK had the power to hide the pain and shame these women endured prior to their death. These stories are not intended to judge anyone because of their decisions. The purpose is to raise awareness, Unmask, love yourself, don t hurt in silence, and live the best life possible. Mask is a novel that will make you think about; who are you and why are you hiding beneath a mask? The decisions you make reflects the way you feel about yourself. You will have a chance to read about different masks and crimes associated with the masks and determine which one you wear daily to protect your feelings, image, and pain. Mask is a classic novel which reflects on the abuse and deaths associated with relationships. It is a novel that make you think about your life and how important is your life to you and your love ones. With laughs, hiding and secrets the victims wore masks around their family, friends and colleagues to cope with their fear and pain. She shares stories of women last moment on this earth, these stories are painful because these ladies were somebody, daughter, mother, auntie, cousin, friend, etc.  

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