Ways to give and help build a strong community of productive members and advocates to prevent abuse and help others survivors. 


Education programs & Training:

The 5 steps healing program will include taking active approaches to:

  • Forgiveness
  • ​Walk of Faith
  • Confidence
  • Breaking the Silence
  • Progression

Mentoring, coaching, trainings will help women create an opportunity to achieve their goals through furthering their knowledge and skills to fulfill their dreams. The programs will enable women to create aspirations for the future, providing opportunity to live without guilt or shame and awareness through continuous mentoring, coaching, and training sessions.

​​Leadership Programs:

The Power of Faith Foundation help women achieve their goals by taking responsibility and accountability to improve their current situations and acquire skills through the 5 steps, mentoring coaching, training, and leadership programs. Women will be able to develop skills to make informed decisions for their future endeavors. The programs will enable women the opportunity to gain knowledge of their strengths to become a positive, caring, and supportive asset in their communities. 

                             Your Voice Matters:


The Power of Faith Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing emotional and mental support for individuals with life challenges such as domestic violence, rape, and terminal illnesses and families that experiencing pain of losing love ones. As a foundation we are committed to raise awareness in our communities about hope and healing. We encourage and support women voices to be heard, save others lives by speaking out about their abuse  and understand there is no finish line to healing. The Power of Faith Foundation benefits from local fundraising events, sponsorships, generous donations from across the country.


We support women of all ages, in all stages of their lives, along with their challenges, offering knowledge, encouragement and trusting relationships.