Ways to give and help build a strong community of productive members and advocates to prevent abuse and help others survivors. 

Why The Power of Faith Foundation?

 The Power of Faith Foundation is a safe place for women to learn how to express their feelings and grow to improve their lives. Through sharing their unfortunate experiences they will encourage others to accept their past challenges and focus on the present and future. An increasing number of women in today's society are fearful or shameful of sharing their life challenges due to lack of support. Most of the time, women focused on what the world thinks and how and why allow themselves to be in threatening situations. Challenges may include however are not limited to domestic violence abuse, the loss of a loved one from terminal illness or brutality, or some type of personal abuse such as: mentally, physically, rape, sexually, and etc. 

The Power of Faith will provide the support for women of all ages to build trust and confidence in creating a new and positive way of thinking about their future. To help reach out to other women that has experience similar abuse to bring awareness to help decrease the amount of women being victimized. Women of the world need to know their lives matters and they are not alone, there are other women that have experienced similar life challenges. 

The Power of Faith cares and will provide assistance through offering support groups, training programs and continuing education to assist with improving women lives of the future. The foundation programs, training, and services will promote and enhance the development and confidence of women by instilling a sense of trust, confidence, and faith.